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Retrouvaille Brochure

To obtain copies of this brochure for distribution at your church or among family and friends, please contact your Community Coordinator or email us.




"Retro Baby" - child size 2T. Shipped as white with royal blue lettering (hint: further customize your shirts with pink dye as shown below)

Retrouvaille "Blue Crew" - worn by greeters on Friday night
Retrouvaille "Blue Crew" T-shirt Front   Retrouvaille "Blue Crew" T-shirt Back

Dialogue Acronyms - given to Stage 2 presenters
Dialogue Acronyms T-shirt Front   Dialogue Acronyms T-shirt Back

Is Your Marriage Tearing You Apart?
Tearing Apart T-shirt Front   Tearing Apart T-shirt Back


Quantity Price
1 - 14 $10 each*
15 or more $8 each*

Prices do not include shipping.
Styles can be mixed to meet price break quantity.

*Add $1 for 2X, add $2 for 3X, add $3 for 4X.